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Saturday, July 12, 2014

How To Use CPVLAB In Teespring T-Shirt Campaigns

Many people think that CPVLAB can be used for CPA offers and email lead campaigns. But CPVLAB Can be use in Teespring campaigns as well. So there are 3 things you need to think of before you starting of this campaign.

1. You need the Teespring Campaign URL.
2. Second you need to setup teespring campaign on your CPVLAB.
3. Get the image tracking pixel from the CPVLAB and place it on Order confirmation page.

Step 1:
So whenever you start a campaign you will get a unique URL of the campaign. Save that URL in the notepad, So that we can use the URL while setting up tracking.

Let's assume this is the URL :

Step 2:
The next step is login to your CPVLAB and create a direct response or Landing page campaign. Let me show you the screenshot of it.
When you click on the Direct link & Landing page option you will get into actual setup page where we are going to use the teespring URL. So for now i am using Facebook as traffic source and for Facebook it's CPC pricing. 

I named the campaign as "teespring campaign" for example purpose.

So in the above pic i didn't choose any alert profile and traffic source as Facebook. And not passing any SUB-id here. Also i choose just direct redirect (send) , so you might be thinking what will happen if you use double meta refresh (hide). If you double meta refresh you won't get the teespring campaign description, image and you might find it broken. It's causing because of the double meta refresh and here we are just tracking right? So Direct redirect is enough and it's faster than double meta refresh.

So below that you can see option to enter the teespring campaign URL and all. So check the below screenshot to understand better.
When you observe the image , You can do split testing with different designs here. But i am just showing here in simple way. The ID =1 and share =%100 (make sure you give %100 because it takes the campaign as %100 priority.

Last but not least make sure you mention the payout of the campaign clearly in USD. So i set the profit per sale is $10 and so i entered the $10 there.

When all the settings is done then click on save campaign.

Step 3:
You will find the image tracking pixel of the campaign. So you need to copy it and send to the teespring campaign support and they will setup the pixel. I really recommend cpvlab because FB conversion pixel sucks and it's really good to work on your tracking pixel.

Get the URL of the campaign and send the traffic and earn $$$$$.

Hope this blog post helps you to use the cpvlab for tracking teespring campaign.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video Proof of 100% Working CPVLAB Discount Coupon

It might be confusing for the first time users so i am creating a simple video tutorial that shows you how to get your cpvlab discount coupon and how to apply it get $50 Discount.

I haven't added any voice over to it and just background music. Make sure you watch in HD version so that you can see things clearly.
Video here

Friday, April 25, 2014

[100% Working] CPVLab Discount Coupon ! Get your coupon Here

I got a couple of emails regarding the cpvlab coupon, so i am writing a simple blog post to show how to apply cpvlab coupon. So that you can get you $50 coupon right away..

Let's get started

Step 1: 
You must have an paypal / Credit card to purchase the cpvlab online.

Step 2: 

Click this link to visit cpvlab Special page  (Special page for you ) 

Step 3 :
Click on "GET IT NOW" button, Then you will reach footer of the webpage and there you see once again call to action button "GET IT NOW" So click on it

Step 4: 
You will reach a order page and there you need to enter CPVLab coupon code to get you discount.

The coupon code is : THECPAGUY

see the above screenshot, I entered the coupon code "THECPAGUY" and the discount applied. So this is working CPVLAB discount coupon :) 

Hope you will like this post and if you still have any questions just let me know in the comments

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CPVLab New features in 2.17 are Time Savers - Check how

I am using CPVlab like a month ago and I really loving this because it saves hell lot of time and helps us to increase focus more in campaigns.

Today i am going to show you a small feature and how it save my time .

The feature which i am going to talk is "Redirect profiles"

You can find the option "Redirect profiles" option under settings.

So what it is Redirect profile ? 

Let's say if someone is visiting from USA then you want to send traffic to USA alone right? so that you can get leads without loosing traffic. When you dealing with paid traffic you don't have to worry but when you need to consider using this option for social media traffics for sure. So that every visitor you can be able to convert into leads so more money.

Why i am focusing more on this option? 

Before the CPVLab update 2.17 there was no option like that, so we have to use manual setup like GEO-IP script setup on the landing page and many more . It sound kind of complicated for beginners and time taking to fix it too..
So CPVlab released this new feature in the 2.17 update. So that i just need to fix the settings in redirect profile and you don't believe that there are hell other options in Redirect profiles.Check the image below and your mind will be blown away for sure.

You can multiple condition to make it more accurate and save the profiles. You can use these profiles for later campaigns as well so that you save time so much.

By redirecting to correct offers to correct people can really save your time and more over you get more leads that is $$$$$$$.

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Hope you love this blogpost and this tiny tip that will earn you loads of money as well as time. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best CPVLab Web Hosting Servers

Hey Guys, once you get yours CPVLab software now you start hunting for a good reliable VPS or dedicated server right? So i found a cheap & Best solution for you.

The answer is Digitalocean SSD Hosting.. The cheapest SSD Based hosting for just $5 per month you can manage to get good traffic. If you do little bit of server optimization like memcache, PHP-FPM then you're good to go.

With $5 server you can do pretty much 100k+ clicks per day. If you're just starting out and don't have budget then i strongly recommend the DigitalOcean.

We recommend you to install CPVLAB on digital ocean via cloudways.

Cloudways gives you all the tools, so that you can install the CPVLAB server the easiest way, and the fastest as well. Best part, you can make see the drastic improvements in the speed of cpvlab.

Here is the website of the cloudways, Click here to visit. 

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Friday, February 28, 2014

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CPVLab DIscount coupon code
CPVLab Discount coupon code
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