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Monday, June 19, 2017

How You Can Add 100 Domains To A Single CPVLAB Server

Hi there,

Hope you're doing good!

I have been using CPVLAB for a few years, and thanks to the CPVLAB team for the new updates. They are back on the game.

Recently one of my Facebook friends asked me this question,

"Hey, my domain is blocked in one traffic source. I wanted to move the entire CPVLAB server without data loss."

The answer is very simple; it hardly takes less than 5 minutes for you. The best part is, you don't have asked the CPVLAB permission, and you don't have to pay extra money for the license.

So without further due, let's get into the tutorial.

With the latest version of CPVLAB 3.0 and above version, you can add up to 100 domains to the cpvlab server. Yes, you heard it right it's 100 domains.

So first you need to figure out what domain you wanted to add.

Let's take it an example;

Now go to that domain panel, Add the A-records, and C-Name of the CPVLAB server. (I hope you know how to do it, if not google it. It's very simple process).

Once the A-records, and C-NAME DNS propagation done. You can go ahead and add the domain into the cpvlab.

In the CPVLAB,
  • Go to the "General settings." 
  • There you see a section called "tracking domains." There you need to add the domain ""
  • There is some bug, if you hit save.. it won't add. And I found a solution for it. 
  • Add the present username, password of your CPVLAB server then click "SAVE."
  • The domain will be added. 
  • If you wanted to add https version you can add it too. Make sure you add https. 

  • If you see your domain, in the "tracking domains" box. Then the domain successfully added. 
  • You can add a maximum of 100 domains. So it's super cool to add more domains. 

Get the tracking links with the domain name: 

  • Once the domain is added, now we can go ahead and setup a dummy campaign. 
  •  Get started the campaign setup, and in the process, you see an option called "Tracking domains." There you can see a dropdown feature. Where you can see you, newly added domain.
    Bingo! That's simple it is. 

    Now you can go ahead with the new domain tracking links and start the traffic. Make more monie$$$$$. 

    Hope you liked my little tutorial. I will keep adding more useful tutorials soon.

    Quick Update: If you want more domain license for the cpvlab, you can ask the cpvlab support. They will be happy to help you out.

    Until then, 
    Keep Rocking & Hustling.