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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best CPVLab Web Hosting Servers

Hey Guys, once you get yours CPVLab software now you start hunting for a good reliable VPS or dedicated server right? So i found a cheap & Best solution for you.

The answer is Digitalocean SSD Hosting.. The cheapest SSD Based hosting for just $5 per month you can manage to get good traffic. If you do little bit of server optimization like memcache, PHP-FPM then you're good to go.

With $5 server you can do pretty much 100k+ clicks per day. If you're just starting out and don't have budget then i strongly recommend the DigitalOcean.

We recommend you to install CPVLAB on digital ocean via cloudways.

Cloudways gives you all the tools, so that you can install the CPVLAB server the easiest way, and the fastest as well. Best part, you can make see the drastic improvements in the speed of cpvlab.

Here is the website of the cloudways, Click here to visit. 

So why waiting so for go to digitalocean and get started . If you haven't bought the CPVlab here is the CPVLAb Discount Coupon code of $50


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