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Friday, January 12, 2018

Here is How to Change CPVLAB Main Domain Name And It's a good Habit too. Read why

Hey Hey Hey! It's 2018 now.. and It's always to upgrade ourselves of using the CPVLAB to the fullest. 
I'm sure you have hit hard the ad network with the CPVLAB domain right? Sometimes the same domain might get banned if you run any black-hat stuff. 

I know I know, I have been there. It's all part of the game. 

So you want to do a fresh start? 

Great, You're on the right path. But hold on for a moment. 

What if you want to change the domain, and don't want to lose the data you already had? 

I know you spent a lot of time, and the money to get those data. To be frank these data is freaking gold like cryptocurrency now. 

So here is the thing I'm going to show you the cool tip. 

With the latest version of CPVLAB you can install upto 100 domains. 

Confused? You have one master CPVLAB domain, where CPVLAB is installed. And the rest 99 domains you can add inside the CPVLAB. 

That's more than enough ammo to attack this year right? 

Great, Now we are talking.

So what if we want to change the primary domain of CPVLAB too? 

Yes, you can do that too. And you don't have to delete the server or format the server for a fresh start. 

I will show you the easy process.

The process starts here 
  • You just need a find a domain which is not dropped, I mean which is not used by anyone. 
  • Make sure you check the spam score of the domain too. Some domains are hugely spammed it via email marketing, Facebook etc. Even some domains are banned on the Facebook for spamming. 
  • Once you find the domain registration at the domain registrar. 
  • Then comes the important part.  
  • If you're handling your own server, then you can replace the server domain with new server domain. 
  • If you're hired a hosting company to do all this, then they can help you with it. Just you want to say that, you want to swap the domain name to the new one. 
  • They will be happy to do that.
  • Very very important step now
  • Now you need to stop all the present campaigns now you're running. 
  • And request the domain change request at the CPVLAB. Over here
  • They will help you out, and make sure you submit a ticket with the CPVLAB license email id. 
So that's it for now :) Make 2018 great again.
All the best for your future campaigns.