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Monday, November 16, 2015

Why you should optimize your CPVLAB Server? Here is the advntages of doing it.

Hey Hey, 

Hope you doing great today! 

I manage my own server and it's dead cheap if you know the stuff like I am doing $10 Server having 1GB ram Ubuntu OS nginx server. I tracking daily about 50k+ hits with that simple $10 server and the best part is that it just cost $10 as well it's pay as you use. 

So the more you track the more data will be stored in your databsae . Thus making your server slow and recently one of my client asked me (for whom i setup the CPVlab server ) that his tracking links are loading slow. 

Then i fired up my terminal on my mac and logged in his server and found that he haven't updated the server from the past 3 months. So i updated the server and Bam! the tracking got the turbo boost back..

Finally links are tracking, loading at blazing fast. 

Like you eat your food and your server need updating now and then. Thus making your server optimized to the latest Software for better. 

What if you don't update?

The links will load slow and thus results in burning the money. You may know that each second delay in website lose like 4billion dollars. That is true and the more faster you can make the more money you can earn.

Tip: Just keep track of server now and then and you don't have waste hours each day. Just like 5 minutes every day.. 

Hope this tip can help you earn a lot ! 
Have a great day fellas.


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