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Friday, November 27, 2015

6GB Ram VPS Server Just below $10 - Managed hosting server Deal 2015

Best Black friday and cyber monday deal for hosting! VPS hosting offer 2015

As an affiliates we need the fastest servers to host out landing pages and the tracking servers right? And not only that, the affiliate should launch the campaign in less time. For that we need to go for the managed hosted servers. The managed hosting servers are freaking costly and they are around $100 around.

So today is a black friday , and I found awesome deals for the servers.

Your mind will blown away when I say the server configuration.

The server configuration is

  1. Dual core, 
  2. 6GB ram, 
  3. 1.5TB bandwidth per month, 
  4. Free Cpanel.
  5. Free Managing the server. 
The price per month is just $9 and that's less than $10 per month. I bet you, if you find better price than this, I will give you $100 amazon gift card. Same config at this price. 
Wow na? 

Where and How do I get this deal? 

The offer valid upto 30th of this month, And you can get yours at

 When you visit the website, Click  the "cloud VPS" from the menu bar. 

You will see the VPS plans list, Choose whatever you like. 

For me, I choose the 3rd plan. Which is 3072 Ram.  

After selecting your plan, click the "buy now" button. 

Then you need to do following settings:
  1. Hosting level
  2. Billing cycle (change that to annual ) 
  3. Operating system ( change that to the Cent OS 6.4 x64 cpanel php 5.4, mysql 5.5) 
  4. Double memory (YES, So here your ram increases to 6GB )
  5. Then fill up the rest of the details like name, address, domain name etc. 
  6. For the coupon you can enter "BLACKFRIDAY" , If you're shopping on monday then enter "MONDAY" 
Once you're done then you will have super speed server at very affordable price. 

CLICK here to claim my hosting discount 

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